Hi there :) I'm Heather Dykes
What can I do for you?
I improve outcomes
by providing trusted consultation
on learning solutions
Design solutions that will
inspire learners and
create behavioral change
~oh and~
I have a strong background in Human Resources, if you need help with that!
I have worked with Heather Dykes on several projects; she is both capable and excited about promoting learning experiences for all audiences. She developed a very high-quality piece for the public about the ERA. We needed to be able to inform learners about this complicated law, as well as provide calls to action to support the passage of this important legislation. Heather was easy to work with, responsive, and open to feedback and suggestions.”
~Keri Tate
“Heather demonstrated excellent creative and analytical ability in designing course elements that  
Created an engaging scenario, that included a clear learning path
Included gamification elements appropriate to the subject matter and audience, and showed an eye for graphic design
Reflected a deep understanding of the subject matter, as well as of the responsibilities and expectations of her target audience.”  
~Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Instructure
“Heather’s presentation on the Equal Rights Amendment for the ERA Illinois website was dynamic.  It helped learners and presenters break up complicated information into bite-sized pieces.”
~ AJ Conroy, Co-founder, ERA Illinois


Let my breadth and depth of experience benefit your business!

I began my career in Human Resources and Learning and Development many years ago, after graduating from the Master of Science in Human Resources program at Purdue University. 
Roles held include:

HR Generalist/Business Partner – spent approximately 20%-30% of time on designing and delivering training, including leadership development.
Recruiter   -  many IT positions including Sr Developers, entry-senior level  managers, customer service, and more.
HR Consultant  -  process flows, implementations of HR software, etc.

More recently, my own thirst for knowledge and love of helping others learn led me to complete a certificate program in eLearning and Instructional Design. 

My true calling!!

Some of the organizations I have worked with include:
     An international Healthcare IT company
      An insurance subsidiary of a Top 10 company on the Fortune 500 list
     A not-for-profit retail company with 13 locations
     A large marketing and printing services company
     A beverage equipment-making company with worldwide distribution

Just as I strived to balance the needs of the company, managers, and employees in past HR roles, I will balance the needs of *your* company with that of your learners.

L&D Accomplishments

    Improved business outcomes and reduced employee relations issues, by developing and delivering training to managers on numerous HR topics.  
     Enhanced leadership bench strength, by consulting on a comprehensive Manager Trainee program (Emerging Leaders), as well as designing and delivering training on two topics within the program.
     Improved operational efficiencies by researching and testing a proposed new HR info system.  Documented process flows (current and new), then developed and delivered training on new system to managers and employees. This company successfully completed their first-ever online benefits enrollment  using the new system.
     Selected training materials and counseled/coached new managers during several 1:1 sessions. 
     Improved leadership development planning by training managers on how to interpret vertical feedback  (similar to 360 feedback) from their direct reports.


eLearning can take many different forms; sometimes within the same course.
Above all, it should not be boring!
(Yes, this even applies to compliance training)
Here are some of my most closely held principles with regards to learning design:

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